People are at a great risk of developing hip osteoarthritis during their life time and most people who develop hip osteoarthritis show at least one of the factors said below –

Abnormality of hip joint: in some people you may observe a poor bone alignment. This may be genetic defect inherited in the family or may develop on its own over the years. This misalignment can eventually cause hip osteoarthritis. Condition that cause this poor hip joint alignment include hip dysplasia, hip dislocation etc.

Hip injury/ trauma: a broken hip bone or the labrum which is a piece of tough cartilage that is around the hip’s socket or other traumatic condition like fall or road traffic accidents, injury due to any physical activity can lead to symptoms of hip OA years later.

History of high impact activity: even though exercise is best recommended to cure osteoarthritis still some evidence suggest that elite sport activist who participate for years in direct impact sports like hockey/football are at risk of developing OA. Similarly farmers too fall under this category because of hard-core manual labour. They too are at a major risk of developing hip OA in later stages of life.

Declining age: every person grows old someday. With that come health related problems as aging is nothing but slower growing of newer cells throughout the body. Over a certain time period, hip cartilage experiences wear & tear and becomes thin and stiff, and less flexible. The age group found prevalent for this disease condition are 60 years and above.

Obesity: hip joint is a weight bearing joint. Hence even an addition of 5 kg in your total BMI increases a lot of weight on the hip joint. It is considered to be one of the causative factors. As osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease and symptoms can be observed in later stages of life. It becomes difficult to lose weight with painful joint.

Female gender: woman are considered to have about a greater risk of developing hip osteoarthritis as compared to men.