Knee osteoarthritis can be broken into conservative and surgical management. These interventions do not alter the underlying disease process, but the goal is to reduce pain & optimise function for as long as possible.

Keep weight within range:

Weight loss is valuable in all stages of knee OA. Weight loss is indicated in patients with symptomatic OA who have Body Mass Index greater than 30. Best recommendation to achieve weight loss is with diet control and low-impact exercise like walking, swimming exercise, yoga and aerobic exercises.

Brace yourself:

Since knee is a weight bearing joint, bracing on osteoarthritis knee can be used. Off-loading type braces which shift the load away from the involved knee compartment.

Drug use don’t abuse:

Use of drug therapy along with physiotherapy in severe condition of knee OA should be line of treatment for patients with knee OA symptoms. There wide variety of painkillers available, however they also come with a price while using it for long duration so caution should be used when prescribing NSAIDs due to their side effects. Thee side –effect can lead to other disease condition and their treatment too. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are available a dietary supplement. The thought behind giving it to treat OA condition is that it will aid the health of articular cartilage. Although strong evidence for it is lacking. Steroids and hyaluronic acid injection are useful in relieving knee OA symptoms. Hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant.


The last option for immobility due to knee OA is surgical procedures like arthroscopy, total knee replacement, patellofemoral joint surgery etc. Your doctor may advise you better for a suitable procedure as per your arthritic condition.

Health is wealth:

For patients with knee OA including patient education is a must. Education the patient on arthritis its long-lasting effects on life and a risk to give birth to other co morbid conditions such a depression, obesity, social isolation, hypertension etc. Educating the patient benefit of therapy and the importance of following it with consistency should be told. Doing this have shown best results in the patient and their health condition.