Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a prevalent disease in most of the population. Individuals with OA have a low perception of their quality of life particularly in the domain of functional capacity, functional limitations and pain. OA pain your joints become stiff and painful, moving your body even an inch is the last thing you want to do. Although it is exactly opposite.  Slight movements considering the severity may be a helpful thing to ease the OA symptoms and slower the progression of the disease. Here are a few things you can try out.

Catch-up with a pro: not every solution to OA is applicable to every individual hence a physical therapist is a must and can prove to be a valuable part of your team. With a well planned suited exercise plan can develop the flexibility, strength & coordination you need to minimize pain and move at ease.

Hit the goal: talk to a well qualified doctor or physiotherapist that can help you set your goal and take you to improve your quality of life, you can break then in small segments you can achieve by doing every day starting day 1. For example start with a walk for 10 minutes ultimately reaching 30 minutes.

Mix it up: it’s a wise thing to work on something that you enjoy doing the most. It means something that’s fun for you and best for the joints. Water aerobics, Tai chi, yoga has shown to be beneficial for improving balance & strengthening muscles and burning calories. Variety doesn’t just help it prevents boredom. It’s the best way to manage your symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Appreciate active lifestyle: benefits of weight loss may be an important role for many people with OA. But it’s not the only reason. A combination of diet is as much of advantage to be pain-free as compared with those people who don’t suffer from this disease.

Improving on quality of life have other effects on mental health diseases like depression, gives you appropriate rest by sleeping comfortably at night and builts confidence and independence in elderly patient.