Osteoarthritis of knee causes severe and prolonged pain in the patients . This causes a day to day hindrance in daily activities and occupational work. The effective way one can build for himself or herself is by lifestyle changes for improving the arthritic condition and minimizing the pain. Regularly following these changes result in stabilizing your joint, strengthening them and protecting them against damage.

Act on staying active: Exercising with painful joint can be a difficult task. But staying active can reduce pain in the long run and prevents it from any further joint damage in the knee. It’s the most effective non drug treatment for reducing pain and improving movement in osteoarthritis. Best exercises to perform are cycling, swimming, taichi, walking, yoga. Aerobic exercise every week at moderate intensity.

Eating OA friendly foods: Eating a balanced diet can help you feel better and lose weight. Certain food habits prove to be beneficial for OA. Foods such as citrus fruits, oranges, broccoli, fish high in omega-3 fatty acid, garlic which may reduce cartilage damage, replacing everyday beverages with green tea, milk, nuts, avocado, walnut etc. Eating habits that aggravate symptoms of knee OA should be avoided such as alcohol, artificial sweetener used food products. Salt intake, processed food item, sugar intake, white bread etc.

Keep weight in check: As knee is a weight bearing joint each kilogram of body weight puts an equivalent amount of strain on the joints. Weight loss can go a long way in alleviating joint pain & OA prevention.

Knee strapping: Strapping your knee help ease the pain of knee osteoarthritis . You may take help of your doctor or therapist to demonstrate the correct way to place the tape on your knee. Creams  and gels available as OTC medicines in pharmacy stores may provide a temporary relief from osteoarthritis pain. Some creams are effective in numbing the pain by creating hot or cool sensation.