Since knee joint is a weight bearing joint in the body osteoarthritis (OA) causes pain and inflammation which can be a hindrance for daily work activities and can be challenging everyday for movement. This reduces productivity and confidence in a person giving rise to other condition such as weight gain and depression etc. By the virtue of this pain patients suffering from nee OA show reluctance in the therapy induced knee exercises, which delays in recovery from the disease. Here are few medicinal treatment available to be pain free, although they don’t cure the degenerative disease altogether.

A for analgesics: easy to pronounce analgesics are a type of pain medication but they don’t treat swelling in the joint. This class of drugs work by blocking signals in your body that produce pain.

NSAIDS so said it: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs treat pain. They help to prevent painful inflammation and joint damage. Many of your doctors first choice of treat- ment is NSAIDs as they are effective against pain and inflammation and are non sedating that is they don’t induce sleep in a person and one can carry on chores pain free.

Locals topical: topical analgesics are painkiller medicines that are available in the form of ointment, cream, gels and patches. They are alternatives to oral or injectable drugs used to treat OA. You can get then as OTC or by prescription. Some topical treatments offer immediate, short- term relief, while other give a long term relief.

Stir by steroids: one such class to treat OA is steroids also known as corticosteroids. Whenever there is a flare-up in the knee joint due to OA steroids are used. With long-term usage come side-effects. Steroids reduce inflammation in the joints. Injectable corticosteroids are used to treat arthritis by directly injecting them into the joints.

High as hyaluronic: an injection of hyaluronic acid could help ease your pain and stiffness. People suffering with arthritis get shot of these to lubricate their joints so that they work more smoothly. It is directly injected into the knee joint. This treatment has minimal side effects.