Osteoarthritis pain often progresses slowly or over a number of years. The severity of knee OA depends on pain and loss of tissues near the bone. The progression of the disease depends on various factors such as how severe your symptoms are during the time of diagnosis? Which part of the knee joint is majorly affected and swollen or causing severe pain? Your over health status like any other form of arthritis (rheumatoid/ gout) or co-morbid conditions. How much the joint has been used over the years to understand its wear and tear? OA of knee has spread rapidly in people who were older, had a high weight issues and detection of OA in more than one joint. The severity of OA progresses slowly with life-style & medical choices. It can years or even decades to reach severe joint damage. With a proper and early diagnosis it’s possible to slow down OA progression and with it the severity of the condition.

Complication that comes with knee OA:

OA is a degenerative disease that worsens day by day, finally resulting in extremely severe pain. Daily tasks such as moving around, climbing, sitting down on floor etc becomes difficult because of joint pain and stiffness. Due to lack of self mobility people tend to bend towards anxiety and depression. Adults diagnose with arthritis are 3 times more likely to experience a fall or injury ultimately causing fractures. This leads to another form of treatment. Sleep disturbances can occur due to painful, tender joints that interfere with restorative sleep. Limited range of motion stops you from getting comfortable in bed and leads to restlessness. Arthritis can also decrease your ability to perform everyday chores such as household work, cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, exercise etc. This causes reduced productivity. You might want to stop doing activities that give you joy & happiness due to pain and stiffness in joint. It demoralizes your ability to even walk. This lack of activeness can make you gain weight. Weight gain is one of the risk factors that triggers knee OA as its a weight bearing joint. OA pain negatively affects the mental health causing anxiety and depression behaviour in patients