This was a time long ago when arthritis was believed to be caused by only wearing down of joints over time. But now we have enough research to confirm that it is a disease of the joints which gets chronic if we do not remain attentive and alert to the causes and symptoms that our body reciprocated in different ways as we begin to age.

There are a various reasons as to why arthritis is a leading disease. It’s a degenerative joint condition that affects approximately 25 million Americans every year. It causes inflammation in the joints when the cartilage that cushions the joints wears away.

Age is unavoided: it’s a joint problem in adults. With most population it occurs by the time they are 70 years old. But it’s a common misconception that it is only restricted to senior citizens. Young adults can also get affected by osteoarthritis including symptoms like morning joint stiffness, tender joins, aching pain, and limited movement.

Into the genes: osteoarthritis (OA) tends to run in the family. If any of your relatives show symptoms of joint pain its time that you make a doctor’s appointment. One of the parts of accurate diagnosis is   medical history and physical examination.

Sports injuries: if you are an athlete, trauma of a sports injury can lead to OA in adults of any age group. Torn cartilage, dislocated joints, ligament tear are some of the common injuries that may lead to OA.

Occupation to osteo: with the boom of software and IT companies’ arthritis has become a major illness in youngsters.  OA is referred to as ‘wear and tear’ disease. Repetitive strain on your joints can cause the cartilage to wear down prematurely. People who perform certain activities in their jobs for hours at a time without any movement are more prone to develop joint pain & stiffness. Joints that commonly get affected are hands, knees & hips. What you do for your living or hobby can cost you a long term disease.

Over think about overweight: another cause of developing OA is if you are overweight. Excess body weight places additional stress on your joints especially knees, hips and back. Cartilage damage is hallmark of the condition. If you feel any joint pain because of this reason talk to your physician for a weight loss plan.