During osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the hip joint gradually wears away over time. As the cartilage is like a cushioning support wearing of it makes it frayed and rough and the protective joint space between two joints decreases. In the absence of cartilage there is frequent bone rubbing of the bones. To fulfil the need of missing cartilage the body finds an alternate option to repair it. Bone starts to grow outward and form bone spurs called osteophytes. This is a very severe condition of osteoarthritis and also causes severe pain in the affected joint.

For most people around the world osteoarthritis is a nuisance that eventually becomes so significant and severe that it causes a hindrance in the day-to-day activities leading to complications. Rapid and complete breakdown of cartilage in severe cases results in loose tissue material in the joints also known as chondrolysis in medical terms. Stress fractures are another complication of osteoarthritis. Hairline fractures or crack in the bone develop gradually in response to repeated injury. Bleeding inside the joint is another type of complication. Constant wear and tear of the joints and injury and bruises can lead to infection in the joint giving rise to another type of treatment therapy. Deterioration and rupture of the tendons and ligaments around the joint, leads to loss of stability. People often limp while walking. Worst kind of complication in osteoarthritis is bone death that is osteonecrosis

Osteoarthritis is slow progressive disease affecting a lot of people giving ways to other complications as it progresses.