OA is a complex process with numerous causes. It is not an inevitable part of aging is opinion of many experts. It is rather the result of a combination of factors, many of which can be modified or prevented. Here are some doctor recommendations to reduce or delay onset of osteoarthritis

Burn calories: Extra kilos puts additional pressure on weight- bearing joint. Every additional kilo increases pressure on your hip by six-fold. The extra strain breaks down the cartilage which acts like a cushion to the joint and worsens over time. Fat tissues also produce toxin that destroy the cartilage. When you gain more weight your body makes and releases more of these destructive proteins. Reducing excess fat is the only alternative out of this.

Keep sugar in check: High sugar level in your blood speed the formation of certain molecules that make the cartilage stiffer and more sensitive to stress. Diabetes can also lead to cartilage loss. So diabetic patients need to be extra careful as they are more prone in developing osteoarthritis.

Eat right:  Vitamin D helps keep person’s bone, muscles and nerves healthy. It also improves immune system. Good food source of vitamin D is egg and some kind of mushroom, cod liver capsules / fish and sword fish are also good source. Other sources are citrus food, fresh leafy vegetables, cereals etc.

Get physically active: You don’t have to necessarily join a gym or have a formal workout plan in your daily routine. Having a 15-20 minute walk or a hobby of gardening or cleaning floor counts. But the greatest result comes with a consistent and progressive exercise by doing it each and every day. The quality and amount of exercise can be adjusted as per your age.

Protect joints: Injuries aren’t always avoidable; it’s a preventive measure to protect your joints and prevent osteoarthritis from getting worse. Maintaining a healthy weight benefits here which can help guard against further joint damage and speeds up recovery from injury.