The key goal of hip exercise program is to strengthen the muscles that support your joints. The deep muscles in the hip can absorb shock & protect the joint from painful & harmful movements. So exercises that involve the body parts like pelvis and buttocks improves your strength, flexibility and pain.

Lying march: The lying march is an excellent move for strengthening the hip flexor muscles. It strengthens the glutes and stabilizes the core muscles. A well-rounded lower body workout should include exercise that specifically targets hip muscles. Weak muscles can cause you pain hence its essential to keep your hip muscles strong.

Bridge: When performed, this pose looks like a bridge connecting two ends. Similarly its function is also like what a bridge would do. It stretches the neck, chest and spine while doing this exercise. By performing this exercise it also calms your brain and helps to alleviate stress and mild depression in people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Double hip rotation: In this exercise there is external rotation of hip performed. Exercise can help strengthen the hip, external rotators improve stability and prevent injuries. When done regularly hip external rotation can reduce lower back pain and knee pain.

Hip flexion: Along with the other core muscle of the torso and glutes, the hip flexors are the key muscles in stabilising the pelvis and spine. This allows you to move and do other exercise without risk of injuring the lower back. Since these muscles are powerful and are useful in doing activities like running and jumping.

Hip extensions: The glutes and hamstring are major movers for your body. Strong glutes are key for pelvic alignment and lower back support. Strong hamstring can support you to run, walk and jump whenever required.