Yoga is a traditional form of stretching that is a good answer to many body pains. Yogasana has beneficial effects to more than one area in the body. In this post lets see through few Yoga stretches for hip arthritis –

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose) –  It is extremely beneficial for opening various obstructions within the body particularly in the hip area. It creates full range of movement and creates a channel for the free passage for various fluids within the body. It provides relief from back and hip pain. Do this for a minute and take 30 seconds break repeat it at least 5 times.


Ardha Matsyendrasana: It is also known as sitting with half spinal twist. When the upper body gets twisted so does the spine. It stretches the shoulder, hips and neck and energizes the spinal column. It improves pain from sciatica and backache.


Ananda Balasana: As the name suggest it’s a happy baby pose. This position plays a vital role in stretching the entire body including hip joint and muscles. It increases overall balance and stamina but also increases blood circulation and tones the muscles around the hip. Doing it regularly relieves hip pain in no time. It has a characteristic ability to calm the mind and de-stress the body.


Viparita Karani: This is called leg up the wall pose. This posture is one of the relaxing poses that allow you to lie flat on the ground with your leg up without much twisting. Viparita Karani is one such beneficial yogasana that allows lymphatic drainage, evens out blood circulation and releases pressure from the back and hip. Regularly doing this yogasana opens up the hip muscles and combats any pain and tightness in the pelvic and hip area.

Daily practice of yogasana not only prevents stiffness in the joints and muscles of the hips but also improves the blood circulation in that area.