A physician or an orthopaedic doctor would advise you to undergo surgery when medicines do not show sufficient positive result in improving osteoarthritis condition in a patient. As per your arthritic condition, age and other factors these are surgery option that your physician shall discus with you.

Hip Arthroscopy: Whenever a surgery involves small incision, specialized instruments and a tiny camera is placed to fix the tear in soft tissues around your hip, to remove free floating cartilage pieces. This is usually recommended for people around 40 years of age. It reduces pain and improves range of motion for some injuries. Several studies show better look for alternate surgical options.

Surgical Dislocation: Hip can become dislocated due to varied external reasons like road traffic accidents. It is often referred to as dashboard dislocation. A traumatic hip dislocation is a medical emergency because the injury stops blood from reaching the top of the femur, depriving the bone of oxygen. Unless the dislocated hip is replaced in its socket promptly and normal circulation is restored the top part of femur can be permanently damaged.

Total Hip Replacement: The damaged joint is replaced with another body suiting implant that mimics the motion of the original natural joint. Implants are made up of sterile metal, plastic and/or ceramic compounds. This procedure is safe and successful in most people. It reduces pain and mobility and improves daily functioning and quality of life.

Partial Hip Replacement: This surgery involves replacing only one side of the hip joint instead of both sides as in total hip replacement. This procedure is most commonly done in older patients who have fractured their hip.

Hip Resurfacing: Unlike total joint replacement, this procedure replaces just a part of the hip joint. In the hip, the socket is replaced with metal cup and the damaged hip ball is reshaped and capped with a metal, dome shaped prosthesis, like crown on tooth. It allows patient to perform high-impact sports and flexible activities like yoga and martial art. It is not advised for people diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This surgery has many complications although effective; hence an expert physician advice is a must.