Your physical therapist will explain the benefits of exercise, the importance of increasing overall daily physical activity, and how to protect the hip joint while walking, sitting, climbing stairs, and standing, carrying loads, and lying in bed.

Passive movement to increase joint flexibility: Hip OA and the surgery that comes with can be a lot painful and restrictive. But staying under restriction of movements can lead to other unwanted, unwelcome problems. Your physical therapist will choose specific activities and provide with treatment to restore normal movement in the leg and hip. This might begin with passive motion in which you can gently move your leg and hip joint and further progress to active stretches and manual therapy techniques that gently stretch your joint and the muscles around it.

Use of assistive device: As the name suggest they are for your support. It stops you from being dependent on anyone else. It minimises your risk of fall because of imbalance and fractures because of falls. It can be indicative sign for people around you to be more careful and maintain a safe distance while passing by on the road.

Exercise therapy: It’s an effective treatment modality for hip OA. Specific exercise for your hip joint can increase risk of motion and flexibility as well as strengthen the muscles of the hip and leg. Physiotherapist with the patient can develop an individualized, customized exercise programme that meets the needs and lifestyle of the patient. The benefits the patient can get are self-management of hip osteoarthritis.

Hydrotherapy: Aquatic exercises have proved to be beneficial for some people with hip OA. It is usually taken under water with the water temperature of 32-360C. The water is believed to reduce pain and stiffness of the musculoskeletal system and cause muscle relaxation.

Stance and balance: Physiotherapy improves the patient’s stance and balance with rigorous exercise as advised by the physiotherapist. A day–to–day work out with your therapist makes you active, independent to carry out daily activities, improve in stamina and flexibility and strengthen your joints.