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  • Details

    Unique blended formulation with binary control mechanism for advanced cartilage protection and repair in severe osteoarthritis

  • Composition

    Each sachet contains: Rosehip extract 550mg + Collagen Peptide 5g + Native Collagen Type II 40mg

  • Indication

    Severe Osteoarthritis

  • Product Information

    What is Co-Nyros?

    Co-Nyros is a uniquely designed formula consists of two different types of collagens for different actions along with advantage of Rosehip extract for joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

    What does Co-Nyros contain?

    Each 10g sachet contains:

    Collagen hydrolysate………………….5 g

    Rosehip extract 50%..............550 mg

    Native Collagen type II (4%)……..40 mg

    What is Co-Nyros for?

    Osteoarthritis involves cartilage degradation that results into joint pain and stiffness. Co-Nyros provides its beneficial effects on joints by acting on multiple ways. Native Collagen Type II helps in reducing cartilage degradation and collagen hydrolysate acts as a source of nutrients (amino acids) for cartilage. Additionally, Rosehip extract helps in reducing joint pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis.

    How does Co-Nyros work?

    Co-Nyros is a Gold standard product in severe osteoarthritis management with a unique blend for enhanced cartilage protection and repair.

    Co-Nyros works on the principle of Binary Control Mechanism. The unique blend reduces inflammation caused due to immunological and mechanical stress, thus stopping cartilage degradation and provides chondroprotective effect respectively.

    Co-Nyros blend offers synergistic effect in controlling pain and inflammation pathways thus delaying Osteoarthritis progression, protection of cartilage as well as reduce pain and inflammation.

    What are the health benefits of Co-Nyros?

    Co-Nyros helps in cartilage protection along with reducing joint pain and inflammation.

    What are the side-effects of Co-Nyros?

    There are no reported side-effects for Co-Nyros.

    Recommended usage: 1 sachet to be taken daily.

    Directions for use: Empty the sachet contents in a container and fill half a glass (approximately 100ml) with water. Stir till all the powder has dissolved and drink immediately.

    Storage : Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Protect from light and moisture.

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    Nutragenix Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,
    D-110, Kanakia Zillion,
    LBS/CST Road junction,
    BKC Annexe, Kurla(W).

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