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    Powerful blended formulation for faster reduction in pain and stiffness in Osteoarthritis, naturally.

    Made from best quality and highest grade ingredients sourced internationally

    Helps to reduce pain and stiffness of the knee joints

    Improves mobility

    No adverse effects

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    Each capsule contains: Blend of& Aflapin 50mg

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    What is TriNyros?

    TriNyros is a nutraceutical formula made of proprietary and clinically proven ingredients that supports joint health.

    What does TriNyros contain?

    Each Veg. capsule contains

    Rosehip extract 50%.................................275 mg

    Devil’s claw extract 20% (Iridoforce)........100 mg

    Boswellia serrata extract 20% (Aflapin®)….50 mg

    What is TriNyros for?

    TriNyros helps in reducing joint pain and inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis.

    How does TriNyros work?

    TriNyros is a powerful and natural synergistic blend formulated for reducing pain and inflammation arising due to Osteoarthritis.

    TriNyros has a very unique mechanism of action which works at the root of the problem and delivers a powerful effect which relives joints with stiffness and increases mobility significantly.

    TriNyros has a deep effect which affects the chondrocytes (cells responsible for the maintenance of cartilage) and alters the mechanism in such a way that it leads to lesser production of inflammatory mediators.

    The inflammatory mediators are responsible for pain and inflammation in the joints.

    TriNyros helps to stabilize the altered mechanisms within the cartilage and brings about a significant relief in Osteoarthritis related symptoms.

    What are the health benefits of TriNyros?

    TriNyrose provides multiple benefits as mentioned below:

    • Reduces joint stiffness
    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Protects cartilage

    What are the side-effects of TriNyros?

    There are no reported side-effects for TriNyros.

    Recommended usage: 1 capsule to be taken twice daily.

    Directions for use: To be taken orally along with water

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Protect from light and moisture.

    Marketed by:

    Nutragenix Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,
    D-110, Kanakia Zillion,
    LBS/CST Road junction,
    BKC Annexe, Kurla(W).

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